Professional Writing

Need a writer to tell your company's story? 

More than a decade of professional writing and editing experience guide me as I work with single-project, periodic, and ongoing clients.  

Whether my client is a foundation desiring to garner and celebrate donors, a gourmet foods company sharing the stories of its artisan products with customers, or a keynote speaker eager to share her message of leadership with a crowd of thousands, I work closely with executives, entrepreneurs, and staff to provide writing that impels and engages audiences. 





Need a creative cheerleader?

If you are a nonfiction writer, whether you need help setting writing deadlines or staying accountable, encouragement to complete your manuscript, advice regarding how to create an anthology, global or line edits, advice regarding publishing, or anything in between, I welcome you to contact me about reaching your writing goals. I'm glad to share samples of how my edits have helped nonfiction writers transform their manuscripts. 

Image by Arshia Khan

Image by Arshia Khan


Need an experienced editor? 

Experience editing dozens of books (including my own) and the manuscripts of more than 500 writers at all levels and across genres informs me as I work energetically and thoughtfully.

The editorial relationship requires enormous trust, and I pride myself on treating writers, their work, and their deadlines with deep respect. Whether a writer seeks a general conversation about a body of work, direction on a specific element of a personal essay, line edits for a memoir in its final stages, or advice regarding where to submit a children's book, I feel honored to be a trusted partner in the process.