Editing Projects

In addition to the selected book-length projects below, my insights and advice are also shaped by serving for three years as managing editor of the academic journal Literature and Medicine (Johns Hopkins University Press), and past teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (course in Literature and Medicine), University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service (Professional Writing Workshop Instructor and Tutor), University of Arkansas at Little Rock (three years as a Composition I Instructor), and as a volunteer with the Re-entry Program at Wrightsville Prison. 

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Editor, 2017

“I can’t give Erin enough credit—from developmental to final editing, she knew exactly what my story needed, and after about nine months of creative push and pull, she made a brilliant observation that gave my book the beginning I had been searching for, my opening equivalent of Cheryl Strayed’s hiking boot going over the ledge of the PCT in Wild. Erin is a dream editor, one I will always choose if I can.”

Aimee Ross, Permanent Marker: A Memoir


Editor, 2018

“I found Erin to be friendly, welcoming, and compassionate in her grasp of the subject matter (the first-person story of a graphic artist with autism), and incisive in her recommendations and suggestions. From the detailed (time-lines, questions about what exactly is meant by a sentence or a phrase – i.e., to make the manuscript perfectly clear), to the conceptual (how the book might be restructured to work more effectively), she was spot-on and Barb and I as well as our publisher were very pleased with the results.”

Karl Williams. Hello Stranger, My Life on the Autism Spectrum by Barbara Moran as told to Karl Williams


Editor, 2017

“I was reluctant to give up my editorial rights. I could envision a developmental editor changing it completely to my distaste. Fortunately, my publisher assigned me to Erin, who assuaged my fears on the first proof. She compromised when I stood firm, suggested structural rearrangements that substantially benefited the book, raised issues of fact I hadn’t considered, and teased out errors I never could have found. Thank you, Erin, for a perfect effort.”

John Thorngren, author of Salvation on Death Row: The Pamela Perillo Story


Editor, 2015.

Scars: An Anthology examines the range and nuance of experience related to scars of the body. Through various genres and mediums, forty contributors address self-mutilation, creating art, gender confirmation surgery, cancer, birth, brain injury, war, coming of age, pain, and love, all focusing on the central question of what it means to live with physical scars. 


Columbia University's Seminar in Narrative, Health, and Social Justice (Fall 2015).

2016 Arkansas Literary Festival

2016 Louisiana Book Festival



Editor for Ambassador French prior to publisher submission, 2010. 

United States Protocol is a must-have reference for communicating with government and business officials, international organizations, and high-level military personnel, both in the United States and abroad. Everything you need is presented in a comprehensive, detailed, and well-organized book that makes it easy to navigate official protocol. Former President Bill Clinton says in his foreword that it is "an authoritative user's manual for international relations, it promises to become an indispensable reference—not only for those in Washington, but for all Americans in contact with people in other nations." Ambassador Mary Mel French uses her personal experience as a former Chief of Protocol to give us the most up-to-date and user-friendly guide to diplomatic protocol at the international, national, and state level. She includes meticulous instructions, in-depth diagrams and tables, a comprehensive table of contents, and a plethora of examples that make United States Protocol the perfect guide to any official event. 



Editor, 2016.

Snow says, "We created a beautiful book that I’m very proud of, and I’m already talking with [Erin] about editing my current fiction project. . . ." 

Featured in the 2016 Louisiana Book Festival

News coverage surrounding Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath captured America’s rapt attention and swelled our hearts. Stories of lawlessness and violence still abound from the flooded City. Who can forget the Louisiana Superdome? Can Everybody Swim? takes you beyond the camera’s lens on a journey through the maelstrom. A shortage of cash combined with a fierce loyalty to protect the Gentilly neighborhood family home purchased by his Ecuadorian immigrant grandparents led the then twenty-five-year-old author and his family to remain in their City to weather the storm, including enduring six days in the infamous Superdome. Follow this family of four and a half as they survive the worst natural disaster of the 21st century.



Copy editor for Stanford University Press, 2010. 

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Editor, 2015. 

Collection by award-winning journalist, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist Philip Martin. 

Featured in the 2016 Arkansas Literary Festival

Philip Martin says, "Erin knows that truth is always what comes first. The hardest but most essential thing for a writer is to be honest. Erin understands that implicitly, in her own work and in the editorial guidance she provides."