I believe brainstorming is an extraordinarily powerful tool. When you’re a fit with a great brainstorming partner, you can hone your best ideas and focus on telling the most powerful story possible. Whether you want to choose among several potential book or essay projects, refine an idea you’ve already settled on, or market a book you’ve already finished, my decade of experience as a professional writer and publisher can help you with most anything related to creativity or nonfiction writing, editing, and publishing. Meet me at a coffee shop or by phone. An hour session is recommended for the first session and any package can be divided.

  • Half Hour $50

  • Hour $75

  • Hour and a Half $95

  • Two Hours $135

  • Four Hours $250

Writing Coaching

Perhaps you know what you want to write; you just need the motivation and accountability to get it done. Perhaps you have an idea in mind but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you have been struggling to finish a writing project that has been in the works for a long time. Whatever they are, I am here to help you reach your nonfiction writing goals from sustaining your writing practice to completing your book. Contact me for rates as hourly or project rates may be more appropriate for our work together.



Publishing Advice

My experience editing dozens of books and more than five hundred manuscripts of all types guides me as I work with writers at all skill levels.

  • Global Edits $4 per double-spaced page. This includes general advice about consistency of voice, chronology, pace, what is working well, and areas that may need strengthening. It may also include some line edits.

  • Line Edits $6 per double-spaced page. In addition to global edits, this includes scrutiny of grammar, word choice, flow, etc.

The publishing world can be baffling and overwhelming, and it is often difficult to know where to begin. Working from my experience as both a writer and publisher, I can help you consider various publishing options, navigate finding potential publishers for your work, begin querying publishers, and ensuring that your manuscript is publication-ready. Rates are the same as for brainstorming sessions (above).