"Erin was so lovely to work with, and very patient and accommodating of my hectic work schedule. She helped me organize my thoughts in a beautifully powerful and moving way."

Sela Ward, Emmy and Cable Ace Award-winning actor and New York Times bestselling author 


I first worked with Erin as a contributor to Scars: An Anthology, and I was impressed that she valued my writing enough to let it shine through the editing process. Our brains seemed to somehow sync. After I got my own book deal, I discovered that my publisher hired freelance editors. I knew Erin would be the perfect editor to bring in to help work on my book, so I crossed my fingers and played matchmaker: it worked! And I’m so glad. I can’t give Erin enough credit—from developmental to final editing, she knew exactly what my story needed, and after about nine months of creative push and pull, she made a brilliant observation that gave my book the beginning I had been searching for, my opening equivalent of Cheryl Strayed’s hiking boot going over the ledge of the PCT in Wild. Erin is a dream editor, one I will always choose if I can.

Aimee RossPermanent Marker: A Memoir



"As a writer, I have worked with many editors from a diverse range of literary journals and small presses. Some of the editors were pushy, some were pushovers. A few of them acted like they would rather have nothing to do with me. A few would consistently forget my name. But then there’s that rare and special breed of editors who know what they’re doing, who were born to do this. They are the editors who are actually interested in you and your story. Aside from an engaging and helpful conversation I had with Erin about my essay—a conversation that would help to make me think differently about my writing—I have also grown into my writer self while under her guidance and through her expert advisement. When we worked through editing my essay, I was able to be at ease because I could just feel how I was handing my deeply personal essay to an editor who was going to treat it kindly, treat it with respect, and who was determined to improve the ways in which an essay can reach out to the reader. As an editor, I know how difficult it can be to convince a writer that her work is good, that those compliments weren’t fake, but testimonials to the ways in which they supported her work. My experience working with Erin was one that showed me how with the right kind of care and support my writing could thrive. I have become more confident in myself as a writer and editor after I saw how Erin was invested in my success. I felt like my essay was treated with extreme love and excitement."

Chelsey Clammer 's essay, "Cut," appeared in Scars: An Anthology (Et Alia Press, 2015). Chelsey is the author of BodyHome and won the 2016 Red Hen Press Nonfiction Manuscript Award. Red Hen Press will publish her collection of lyric essays, Circadian, in Fall 2017. Her work has appeared in Black Warrior Review, The RumpusMcSweeney’s, Hobart, Essay Daily, and The Water~Stone Review, among more than one hundred other publications. She is the Essays Editor for The Nervous Breakdown, a reader for Creative Nonfiction magazine, and an online creative writing instructor for WOW! Women On Writing. Chelsey received her MFA in Creative Writing from Rainier Writing Workshop. She lives in Austin, TX.

"Erin is a joy to work with. Her exceptional skills convey any type of message with the perfect words."

Jane Rogers, former Chi Omega Foundation President 


Erin knows that truth is always what comes first. The hardest but most essential thing for a writer is to be honest. Erin understands that implicitly, in her own work and in the editorial guidance she provides. 

Philip Martin, Award-Winning Journalist, Critic, and Columnist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and author of The President Next Door, Poems, Songs, and Journalism


Erin has helped the UALR Alumni Association raise thousands with her passion for philanthropy and her mastery of the written word. Putting her passion where her pen is, her writing has helped raise much-needed scholarship dollars for The UALR Annual Fund. 

Derek Boyce, former Annual Fund Director, UALR Alumni Association

Upon returning my manuscript after the first round of broad edits, Erin and I would communicate usually twice a week throughout the months that I revised the work. Most of her edits were very useful and insightful. Any things I disagreed with, we would talk about, and by the time the book was done, we’d spent many constructive hours working together. We created a beautiful book that I’m very proud of, and I’m already talking with her about editing my current fiction project. 

Bruce S. Snow, author of Can Everybody Swim? A Survival Story from Katrina's Superdome



I was reluctant to give up my editorial rights. I could envision a developmental editor changing it completely to my distaste. Fortunately, my publisher assigned me to Erin, who assuaged my fears on the first proof. She compromised when I stood firm, suggested structural rearrangements that substantially benefited the book, raised issues of fact I hadn’t considered, and teased out errors I never could have found. Thank you, Erin, for a perfect effort. John Thorngren, author of Salvation on Death Row: The Pamela Perillo Story